CrowdPatch provides a space for people to :

  • Freely raise funds for their projects
  • Openly share good work, ideas or problems with their crowd
  • Make a donation
  • Connect with people who share their interests
  • Support local community
  • Help grow Britain


A digital community where people can get help with those two biggest challenges and pull together a crowd of British supporters who have common interest in our 4 interest patches:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Arts, Film and Writing
  • Social Causes and Charities
  • Science, Technology and IT




  • Profile: designed similar to Facebook. It  is a place where all information about personal activities, projects and other information of users are stored.


  • Discover: Users can view and join patches or projects created by other members.




  • Start: where users can create their own projects. 


Cost Model: Log Time
Management tool
: Jira tracking system
Project management method
: Agile-based method to work out for versions.
Since: April , 2013