• Member

    Member profiles

    Members can create profiles with photos, contact information, lists of personal interests and other personal information.

    Activity feeds

    Keep your members up-to-date with what their friends or the community has recently been up to.

    Private Messaging

    Send each other private messages right on your community.


    Give many options for deciding how people will join, interact, and use your community: Two-way Friendships & One-way Followers, Verified or Unverified Friendships.

    Allow users to become friends with other members.

  • Media


    Populate feeds with images, connect via photo tagging, and share albums to others.

    Music Sharing

    Upload and share their songs with your community by embedding music players into profiles

    Video Sharing

    Share videos from YouTube and Vimeo, or upload videos from their computers

  • Management

    Content Management

    Fully customize your site’s layout, style and content.

    Pages & Groups

    Allow your members to easily create groups or pages to socialize around any topic with other members who have similar interests.

    Other Admin Tools

    Provide site administrators full control of their social network, such as plugin manager and site-wide statistics & analytics.

    Browse & Search

    Allow members to easily navigate your site, discover new content, and find specific posts.

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