This service agreement is applied for Customization/ Development service provided by YouNet.

Quality Agreement

 Project is executed in full development life cycle as follows:

I. Development (Coding + Fixing bug) (50% of total project effort)

  • Front End
    • Feature 1
    • Feature 2
    • Feature  …
  • Back End
    • Feature 1
    • Feature 2
    • Feature …

II. Others: (50% of total project effort)

  1. Analysis & Design
    • Requirement analysis
    • System analysis
    • System design
    • Team & Framework preparation
    • Internal estimation
  2. Quality Control
    • Testing checklist development
    • Test execution
  3. Project Management
    • Communication: Internal meeting & customer communication
    • Planning, tracking, management
  4. Deployment

Quality agreement:

  • Each milestone delivery output will have no blocker, major or critical bugs. 
    • Blocker: Prevents developers or testers from performing their jobs. Impacts the development process.
    • Critical: Crash, loss of data, corruption of data, severe memory leak.
    • Major: Major loss of function, as specified in the product requirements for this release, or existing in the current
    • Normal: Non-major loss of function.
    • Minor: Issue that can be viewed as trivial (e.g. cosmetic, UI, easily documented).
  • Final delivery is delivered without bugs.
  • Effort of testing, verification and bug fixing  is not more than 35% of total project effort if the project is developed with Time Model approach. With this standard, we commit coding quality is in top-notch. 


  • Delivered project has 30 days of maintenance from us  after final delivery (last payment).
  • Be sure to backup your source code when we deliver final version as we do not keep the source code of customer.
  • If there is no communication feedback from customer in 3 months,  the project  is considered as pending project and we do not keep source code of this project as well.

Property of Code

  • Customer hires YouNet to make the source code and then customer is the party to own the code. YouNet has no right to reuse the code or to re-sell the code without permission of customer.

Non-disclosure Agreement

  • YouNet is willing  to sign NDA given by customer as a way to protect property and security for customer.

Communication Tools

Customer Care

  • For anything that you are not happy with project team, please contact us at: 

Urgent Contact 

  •  US call: (+1) 626 460-0248
  •  Vietnam call: (84) 9 3762 8775