Education Networks


  • Connect employers and jobseekers via an online employment gateway.
  • Save time, effort and money for recruitment process.
  • Share your latest updates, special events and information relevant to career aspirations or recruiting needs to other leading social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Provide career advices and skill tutorials.

Employer Benefits

  • Access to a large database of jobseekers categorized by skills, experience, locations, etc.
  • Post job ads, easily shortlist potential candidates, and set up interview quickly.

Jobseeker Benefits

  • Access targeted listings, local and interstate opportunities, reputable organizations, and a wide range of positions.
  • Post resume and apply for job.
  • Offer a jobseeker the opportunity to network with potential employers, getting their latest job postings.

How will you make Money


  • Provide extra services to feature employers and job listing to grab the attention of jobseekers and partners for a fee.
  • Enable marketers to broadcast their career workshops, seminars, training courses and other services.
  • Subscription based membership – You could grant employers access to a large database of jobseekers for a regular fee.

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