A superior trading exchange that is taking the barter industry to the next level through consumer feedback and technology.

– Features:

  • A trade platform for 24/7 live trading 
  • Exchange goods & services through a network of business, not one-to-one 
  • Use “trade dollar” vs. “cash dollar” 
  • Allow users to buy things at the cost of their own business and to sell  goods & service at retail value

– Benefits for businessmen:

  • Save operating cash
  • Incrase sales by expanding company exposures and attracting new customers
  • Build online reputation

Cost Model: Time Material

Management tool: Jira tracking system
Project management method
: Agile-based method to work out for versions.
Since: Feb, 2013

Company overview

Founded 2008

No. of Employees: 150

US Office

9741 Bolsa Avenue, Suite 201

Westminster, CA 92683

+1 (626) 460-0248

United States

VN Office

2nd floor, Lu Gia Plaza, 70 Lu Gia St.

Dist. 11, HCM City