Vincent K., Ovyka CEO

We’ve had many new plugins developed by Younet in the past year, which are today available to all SE4 customers :
– Idea Box
– Wikis,
– File Sharing
– Profile Search
– Reward Points
– Share Widgets
– Terms of Service.

* For development : Although it sometimes took some time and trial & error with the more difficult plugins, the end result has always worked wonderfully. Security, Performance problems are also considered very seriously.
* For support : They want their product bug free, so you won’t be charged if you’re not responsible for the bugs you encounter with their plugins ; this is very high quality support.

We’ve had a great business relationship with Younet for more than a year now, as you can see by looking at the above list of plugins which development we’ve financed.

Company overview

Founded 2008

No. of Employees: 150

US Office

9741 Bolsa Avenue, Suite 201

Westminster, CA 92683

+1 (626) 460-0248

United States

VN Office

2nd floor, Lu Gia Plaza, 70 Lu Gia St.

Dist. 11, HCM City