Education Networks

Connection and Access

  • Share interests and goals with current friends.
  • Maintaining contact with friends in different cities, states, and even countries finding old
    friends, and former classmates.
  • Offer a student the opportunity to network with other students, educators, administrators, alumni,
    both within and outside his current institution.

Increased Awareness

  • Students become more globally knowledgeable, tech-savvy, and self- aware.
  • Sites are visible, in varying degrees, to peers, parents, parents, teachers, future employers,
    and the public at large.

Publicity and advertising

  • Allow members to publicize events, movements, or products.
  • Advertising and publicity help generate revenue for the site itself, while also enabling users
    to efficiently ‘get the word out’.
  • Meet and develop relationships with others more easily

How will you make Money

Advertisement – A Social Networking Site for Education could attract advertisement from anything
related to common interests of students ranging from sports to meet ups, etc

Subscription based membership – To ensure active participation from members and also to make money one could look
at making the site subscription based.

Online Courses & Certifications – Education sites could be the best place to sell online courses and certifications
courses in varied subjects which could easily grab the attention of students.

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