We had our experience working with the YouNet company this past February and March. The site needed a special rating module. All developers we worked with were very professional. Every answer was answered in a timely way and the whole project was developed on time. Developers even suggested better way to present the module and features in it. We would recommend this vendor to anybody.

John S., http://myexprofile.com

YouNet look after 4 of my sites supplying plugins, and custom work etc.

I would highlight 3 positive points about working with YouNet in particular:

Excellent and quick communication via their ticketing system
Fix problems quickly and even out of hours when their office is closed (I am in UK they are in Vietnam)
Their prices for custom work are good.

I would highly recommend them.

Colin H.

Hi to all. I have a social networking site and members say to me your web site is ok but i have 50/80 photos on my other social net working site and i have not got a copy of them.
Willi put this photo importer plugin in and now with one click a member can down load all there photos in to my web site. It takes about 1sec per photo.
So i am saying this is the best plug in i have had and my members love it.
I all so got all the help i needed. I give this 10/10
If you would like to try this all out just go to my web site and give it a go

David T., www.matesspace.net

I have several Younet plugins in my Gesby Social Engine and I’m very happy with the service and how it works. I highly recommend them.

Thank you guys, keep it up!!!

William O., www.gesby.net

We’ve had many new plugins developed by Younet in the past year, which are today available to all SE4 customers :
– Idea Box
– Wikis,
– File Sharing
– Profile Search
– Reward Points
– Share Widgets
– Terms of Service.

* For development : Although it sometimes took some time and trial & error with the more difficult plugins, the end result has always worked wonderfully. Security, Performance problems are also considered very seriously.
* For support : They want their product bug free, so you won’t be charged if you’re not responsible for the bugs you encounter with their plugins ; this is very high quality support.

We’ve had a great business relationship with Younet for more than a year now, as you can see by looking at the above list of plugins which development we’ve financed.

Vincent K., Ovyka CEO

Company overview

Founded 2008

No. of Employees: 150

US Office

9741 Bolsa Avenue, Suite 201

Westminster, CA 92683

+1 (626) 460-0248

United States

VN Office

2nd floor, Lu Gia Plaza, 70 Lu Gia St.

Dist. 11, HCM City