3 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Enterprise Social Network

An enterprise social network should be a forum in which colleagues can freely communicate and collaborate. However, sometimes it is a struggle to get employees to engage with the platform, in which case you might as well take social out of the title and give up your hopes for collaboration. To avoid that fate, here are three things that you should implement in your company’s social platform to encourage employee engagement:

1. Simplicity

Work is hard enough without having to figure out how to use complicated tools. An enterprise social network should make your employees’ lives easier, not harder. Therefore, user-friendliness is essential to the success of your company’s social network. When your employees discover that the platform is easily navigable, quickly accessible, saves time, and increases their productivity, they will not ignore it.raised-hands-300x130

2. Fun

One of the beauties of an enterprise social network is that using it to do work does not always have to feel like work. Employees are more likely to engage with the platform if it makes doing their work a bit more enjoyable. Enter gamification. Gamification provides a great way to ensure that employees enjoy themselves in a professional and work-oriented context. For example, Senexx SolvePath includes a competition mode. This is a prime example of a method that makes work more fun and exciting by instilling a healthy contest among coworkers and departments.

3. Incentives

For better or worse, people are usually more likely to do things when they will get something in return. You can use this fact to the advantage of your company and its social network. For instance, in Senexx SolvePath’s competition mode, the competition creator immediately discloses a prize that the winning team will receive when the competition comes to an end. Throughout the competition, then, employees are constantly working towards something concrete and exciting, which means that they are more likely to participate in the contest in the first place.

Don’t let your enterprise social network fail due to a lack of engagement and adoption. Rather, ensure the success of your company’s social platform by taking the necessary steps to make it both user-friendly and stimulating. You and your organization will certainly get the most out of your enterprise social network if as many employees as possible engage with it on a daily basis. Ready…set…engage!

Source: http://senexx.com