Featured Niche Social Networks – November 2013



tecklerTeckler is a social network with an innovative proposal: a place where users can share information and knowledge. Moreover, they can earn amounts proportional to the amount of views they get their publications.

Recently, among the 800 finalists, representing 160 countries of the world, Teckler was selected to be one of 40 winners of the World Summit Award (WSA), an award dedicated to the best works in the digital content world.




neshama 1


Neshama, a social network for dead people that features photos of graves, was founded by Shelly Furman Asa, an Israeli entrepreneur.  It allows people to upload pictures of graves and makes them searchable by name. Neshama is a way for family and friends to add memories and experiences of their dead loved ones. There are now more than 120,000 headstones on the site, and there are plans to possibly charge users a fee to upload photos of their loved ones’ graves.






Have you ever wondered why we have so many powerful tools for sharing our past with thousands of digital followers, but for creating future experiences is not popular. Nextt is a social network which helps us review the past and plan our future together. But not the far future, it is about the near future of things you would like to do with people that you care about. Nextt allows you to not only suggest social ideas to your friends but to also manage the responses and planning details all the way through to the actual event. And then, when it’s over, Nextt captures a record of the event and the people you shared it with.


4.We Heart It




The photo-based social network We Heart It is  a perfect combination of Instagram and Pinterest. Up to now it has attracted approximately 21 million users and 80% of its members are women.





A supermodel Lily Cole has launched her own social network, Impossible, which is all about the gift of giving. It allows users to make wishes, and others to grant them in return for nothing but a lovely “thank you” or something.