Michael D.

Since I first started my SE site 10 months ago, M2B/YouNet was one of the first plugins I purchased. The support they provided was outstanding and I thought all SE Developers would be like this….BOY WAS I WRONG! Some devs will just sell you their plugin and never update again or offer support for their errors. This is not the case here.

YouNet stands high above them all in the class of the handfull of respected SE Devs. After purchasing their last Advanced Forum plugin they went extremely out of their way making sure their plugin works well with my theme. Not to mention it is a superb plugin and SE should hire them to rebuild the original forums.

I own a few YouNet plugins and would purchase them all if they suited my community. I will not hesitate to use them as long as my site is operational. They are very friendly and knowledgeable and anyone should feel confident in purchasing from them. I just can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Thank you very much Modules2Buy/YouNet for your superior service and plugins!

Younet = Winning!

Company overview

Founded 2008

No. of Employees: 150

US Office

9741 Bolsa Avenue, Suite 201

Westminster, CA 92683

+1 (626) 460-0248

United States

VN Office

2nd floor, Lu Gia Plaza, 70 Lu Gia St.

Dist. 11, HCM City