How Pinterest can help your business grow

Have you noticed companies displaying posters of their products in their offices? The purpose is to acquaint visitors with the products and to highlight the innovation and function it represents. However, the impact of these posters is limited to the office and a few other public areas where they are displayed.pinterest

Pinterest helps to solve this ‘limited space’ problem, since it is a social media website that lets users ‘pin’ photographs they like and share them with friends and followers. Once registered on the site, the user can pin photographs on a virtual pin board available on the Pinterest home page.

Apart from being a light social media tool in the vein of Instagram, Pinterest can also be used as a serious tool to familiarise people with a user’s business. Companies in a few sectors such as food, fashion, event management, photography, advertising, etc. can easily leverage Pinterest to boost their brand. Brands operating in other sectors too can start pinning to increase the number of people visiting their site and consequently, the business.

Here are a few dos that will help you use Pinterest most effectively:

Make Sure You Pin Everyday

Social media is constantly moving ahead at a rapid pace as everyone is uploading something from all parts of the world. To stay abreast, you have to pin photographs or videos every day so that your followers or buyers are in the loop about the development of your brand.

Upload Interesting Photos

Since Pinterest is a visual medium, the best way to leverage it is through uploading interesting yet relevant photographs that talk about your company and thus attract followers. It is an efficient way to reach out to people and will work to your benefit if you spend money on buying a good camera or hire a professional photographer. Online visitors research and check out products online. Hence, it is in your interest that you do not compromise on the quality of the photographs of your products.

Crowdsource Pictures

If you are reluctant to spend money on photographers, an alternative to consider would be to source the photographs of your products from people who love them and thus, your company.

Follow people who are keenly following your brand on other social media websites and also urge them to pin photographs of your company’s products that they have¬† taken on Pinterest, tagging you and your brand. This might indirectly motivate other followers to do the same. This is a great way to generate user-based content.

Link To Your Web Page

While pinning the photographs, make sure that the viewing page takes the users easily to your website or to a page from where they can buy your product, gather more information from or search for other related products. This increases the possibility of converting the random ‘window shopper’ to a user of your products. You may also consider adding a detailed description of your product, its price range, colours, etc.

Work Around A Theme

Be very clear about your target audience and what they want to see, their interests and what entertains them. Create a board around that ‘sweet spot’ and pin photographs that can educate them about your product, price, its availability, etc. Sharing these photographs on other social media websites will also get you more traffic on your Pinterest page and hopefully, a few more buyers. You can also comment and advise users to use your product better or if there is a need to buy a complementary product, too.

‘Pin it to win it’ contests

One common way to create a buzz around your brand is to invite people to participate in a contest. In this case, a photography contest based on the usage of your product can do the trick. Ask Pinterest users and your followers to pin photographs of your product showcasing how they are using it. When you share more details about the contest on other social media websites, a large number of people will be interested to participate and it will drive traffic to your page. Conducting such contests are a safe bet, for this will get people to talk about your brand and increase customer engagement. Followers from Pinterest will be more likely to buy your products than visitors from other social networks.