Education niche is considered to be one of the most versatile niche like health, technology, etc. But due to immense competition in all the niches it has become difficult for bloggers or webmasters in education niche to target teen traffic. What a webmaster just need to analyze is the traffic that he is targetting. I will be sharing some tips for variety of traffic which webmasters in education niche


Starting from the bottom of the education tree. Teens these days are the most difficult to reach. But social networking sites have made it more easier for webmasters. Now how to target teens? Which social network to promote?

According to a research from Pew Research center it has been found that teens are moving towards twitter more rapidly. So my input would be that it would be legitimate to advertise or to do the marketing more on twitter.

College students

Now those webmasters who write for college students find it easier than those for teens. It is much easier to find college students. Sharing some tips to gain traffic for college students.

1. Advertise on facebook pages.

2. Create a good network of facebook pages and troll and use them to drive traffic to your website.

3. Use twitter hashtags wisely.

4. Organise workshops in colleges.

5. Online seminars on career councelling