client-logo_17www.360guanxi.comis a Professional Networking for Chinese owned by Echinachem Inc. which is the leading integrated Chinese media for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.  The bilingual www.360Guanxi.com social network is the top Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical industry portal.



360GuanXi.com is focused on:

  • Building up contents and knowledge in product-level communities or micro-portals
  • Standard LinkedIn style personal network development functions
  • Building relationships with other members in the same or closely related business communities
  • Meeting members’ networking, recruitment, corporate and self promotion and branding needs
  • Providing user-generated and machine-harvested news, blogs, industry data, market research, and analysis in curated portals for each micro-vertical.



  • My Stuff: where members can store their own stuff and update personal information.

360 profile


  • Groups: international conferences and communities for Chinese and global enterprises.

360 group


  • Sell offers: It allows members search business offers from other members or create their own one.

360 sell offer


  • Events: Users can create events or join other events posted by other members.

360 event


  • News: Update information about business (products, market trend, business opportunities,…)

360 news

  • Jobs: Users can find job vacancies based on keywords, industry, location…

360 job


  • Blogs: members can post their own articles, manage comments  or give comments on others.

360 blog


  • Industry Report: where industry data are updated in form of reports.

360 report


  • Tags: It allows members to search content easily based on popular tags.

360 tags


  • Add connection: invite friends via email or other channels.

360 add connection


Cost Model: Fixed Cost

Management tool: Jira tracking system

Project management method: Agile-based method to work out for versions.

Since: April, 2010