Reasons to Make Niche Facebook Clone

Why should you make a Facebook clone? Making a successful website nowadays is not as easy as it used to be. In most of the niches, the competition is rather hard, and those days are over when it was possible to rank a 5 page site on the top of the search results. These days are about buildclone_smalling authority websites which needs a huge number of various types of content and which engage their audience. Authority sites not only gets more traffic from search engines, but from other sources and they have a massive returning visitors. An authority website can be a blog, a forum anything which offers more value than the others and standout. That is the reason why making a niche Facebook clone website can be a great method. Read on to find out why.o

Huge Amount of Relevant Content Automatically

A key factor a successful website is to have lots of different types of niche relevant content. A Facebook clone website can get content automatically as members share blog posts, take part in forum discussions, upload images and videos. And because we talk about a niche social networking site all these sorts of contents will be relevant and valuable. The owner needs to spend far less time on making content as the members do it.

Getting returning visitors

Another advantage of having a niche social network is that it has a lot of returning visitors. Since they are interested in the niche they are engaged, and they come back because they want to know what others share. In addition, if they share something they come back to see how the others react on that post. Active social networking websites with lots of members and content can have a huge number of daily visitors.

Getting traffic because of shares and likes.

People like sharing what they are interested in and of course they like to share their own content. This way a niche network can have a large number tweets, likes, social bookmarks etc. which means more traffic. On top of that having great social buzz is beneficial for SEO as nowadays it is a ranking factor.

Mkae Niche Facebook Clone

Being authority means more organic traffic

Another advantage of having a niche specific FB clone is that sooner or later it can be an authority website within the niche. It has a lot of different types of relevant content, returning visitors and exceptional social buzz. All the factors that are necessary to be an authority web site. Google likes these sorts of places on the internet as the landing visitors can find surely what they want, as a result, these kinds of sites rank better.

Huge number of targeted members

Another advantage of an online community which is built for a niche is that sooner or later it will have a huge number of members. Hence they can be easily turned to customers. Let’s say you have a well-running social network with 15K members, you can add a webshop to the site and reach 15K potential customers without spending a dime on SEO, marketing or advertising. Overall, it is a useful way for any types of businesses, as well.

Many ways for monetization

Finally, a niche network can be monetized in many ways. Besides adding

make-moneya webshop, you can place PPC ads, promote affiliate products or even add a special section where paid content can be reached.


Making a niche Facebook clone website may seem a bit hard, but if we count the advantages mentioned before, it is certainly worth the time and energy. On top of that, a social network is more protected from search engine updates and after some time it can become totally autopilot.